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SynergEyes In Focus Blog

At SynergEyes, we pride ourselves in delivering contact lens products that improve vision and ultimately enhance the quality of everyday life.

This blog is geared towards practitioners to highlight case studies from your peers and covers topics such as fitting & troubleshooting, as well helpful articles on practice management and the handling and care of SynergEyes lenses like Duette and UltraHealth.

SynergEyes 2019 Innovative Products Showcased at Global Specialty Lens Symposium

The SynergEyes team participated in the 2019 Global Specialty Lens Symposium where over 1,000 eye care professionals gathered to discuss and share the latest information on specialty contact lenses. SynergEyes held a series of workshops highlighting the company’s 2019 Innovative Products for Contact Lens Specialists.

The first innovation is the SynergEyes VSscleral lens, was selected most often as the #1 Primary Scleral Lens in a survey among independent eye care professionals in the United States. The unique scleral lens features linear landing zones and toric peripheries, and has become a must-have lens for contact lens specialists.


Tangible Hydra-PEG will soon be available on SynergEyes VS with Contamac materials. The Menicon Z continues to have its own proprietary plasma treatment.

The second SynergEyes innovation is the Duette Progressive portfolio, which offers the complete presbyopic package for the continuum of presbyopia. The center distance design has Center Distance Flex Optics with an adjustable center distance zone and add powers up to +5.00D. The Center Near design offers clear vision for more advanced presbyopes.


The third innovation is the launch of the NEW SimplifEyes 1 Day daily disposable contact lenses. SimplifEyes 1Day strengthens the continuum of products provided by SynergEyes to contact lens specialists, and provides access to specialty contact lens technologies previously not available in a daily disposable contact lens. SimplifEyes 1Day lenses are enhanced by Dual Tangible Polymers from Tangible Science, the company that developed Tangible Hydra-PEG for scleral, GP and hybrid lenses. With one tangible polymer coating on the lens surface and another tangible polymer in the solution, the Dual Tangible Polymers are designed to provide enhanced wettable surfaces, less debris build-up and excellent comfort. 4 out of 5 patients trying SimplifEyes 1Day expressed their intent to purchase1.


SimplifEyes 1Day lenses are supported by the fourth SynergEyes innovation, the new MyContactLens Online Ordering System, currently in Beta. The simple, easy-to-use portal is accessible through independent eye care professionals’ practice websites, and can simplify the lens ordering process for their patients. Patients can order an annual supply of lenses or sign up for a lens subscription online from the practice-branded webpage, and have the lenses delivered directly to their home.  Independent eye care professionals can contact their SynergEyes representative if interested in participating in the expanded MyContactLens Beta Program.


The fifth innovation is the announcement that SynergEyes had partnered with the Brien Holden Vision Institute to bring a new Extended Depth of Focus hybrid lens to the industry, coming later in 2019!

2019 promises to be another transformative year for SynergEyes and our valued customers, as the company continues to bring innovative products and services to the industry.

SynergEyes products were featured in the following posters at the conference: