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SynergEyes In Focus Blog

At SynergEyes, we pride ourselves in delivering contact lens products that improve vision and ultimately enhance the quality of everyday life.

This blog is geared towards practitioners to highlight case studies from your peers and covers topics such as fitting & troubleshooting, as well helpful articles on practice management and the handling and care of SynergEyes lenses like Duette and UltraHealth.

Case Study: Clinical Performance of a New Hybrid Contact Lens for Keratoconus

Dr. Gonzalo Carracedo, Ph.D., et al, performed a study that showed the performance of SynergEyes® ClearKone® as compared to patients' habitual contact lenses.1 Their conclusion was that ClearKone:

"Provides an improvement in visual acuity, contrast sensitivity, and subjective comfort in patients with keratoconus when compared with other contact lens options. However, clinicians must get specific training to fit the lens and be aware of potential adverse events."

The entire article can be found by clicking the link below.


The UltraHealth™ Silicone-Hydrogel Contact Lens for Keratoconus and Irregular Corneas

UltraHealth Case Reports