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At SynergEyes, we pride ourselves in delivering contact lens products that improve vision and ultimately enhance the quality of everyday life.

This blog is geared towards our contact lens wearers and covers broad topics like eye health and eye diseases as well as helpful articles on the handling and care of SynergEyes lenses like Duette and UltraHealth.

Don’t Let Astigmatism Hold You Back

Posted by Louise Curcio

If you have astigmatism, you are well aware of the visual limitations you’re subject to as a result of your irregularly shaped cornea. How many times have you envied friends or family as they raved about some new vision correction option that you can never get to have?


Astigmatism can be even more frustrating if you’re a contact lens wearer. That’s because, if the irregularity on your eye is severe enough, you won’t be able to wear a standard, spherical lens design. Because spherical lenses have the same prescription power all around the lens, it doesn’t matter if the lenses rotate or move during blinks.

But if you have astigmatism, your prescription is a little more complicated, and a rotationally stable lens becomes paramount to deliver consistent vision. Historically, that would leave you with two choices: a soft toric lens or a rigid/hard lens, otherwise known as a gas permeable (GP) lens. However, advanced-technology personalized contact lens designs are opening up a whole new world of possibilities for individuals with astigmatism.

Common Options

GP lenses have been prescribed for many years and can be an excellent choice for people with all sorts of corneal irregularities. The rigid nature of the lens maintains its shape on the eye to deliver crisp vision. Even some people with normal corneas have turned to GP lenses when they can’t get crisp enough vision out of a standard soft lens.

Despite the obvious optical benefits of GP lenses, many people gravitate toward soft contact lens designs because soft lenses are generally regarded as more comfortable and user-friendly. Plus, they don’t fall out as often as some GP lenses do, and they’re easier to get used to wearing.

Unfortunately, if you have astigmatism and want to wear a soft contact lens you will most likely need a toric lens. The challenge with toric lenses is that in order to deliver good vision the lens needs to stay in place and not rotate. If it rotates at all, your vision can become distorted until the lens moves back to where it should be.

This lens rotation can be very disconcerting, especially when you’re driving or are trying to perform other critical activities. Research shows that an astounding 76% of toric lens wearers say they frequently experience issues with their lenses1. In fact, 91% must manually reorient their lenses to realign their vision, by sticking their fingers in their eyes, blinking a lot or rubbing their eyes1.

A clinical study of four major soft toric contact lens designs showed that when the lenses are rotated (to simulate what happens when you rub your eyes, for example) 74% of the soft toric lenses remain misoriented even after 60 seconds without the manual adjustment.2 Toric lenses wearers report being very frustrated and worried when this occurs.

If any of this sounds familiar, you may be asking yourself if a soft lens that’s known for comfort is worth this much visual compromise. But what are the alternatives?

New Call-to-action

New Possibilities

Fortunately, a third category of lenses is available. Hybrid Contact Lenses! These unique lenses are literally like two lenses in one. This advanced design, made by SynergEyes, Inc., combines a GP center so that the optics are crisp and consistent with a soft material skirt so that you also can enjoy the benefits of all day comfort and ease-of-wear.

Hybrid contact lenses are made for people with astigmatism, as well as for individuals who need visual correction at all distances—from near to intermediate and far. Lens rotation is not an issue with this design because the vision is not dependent on the position of the lens on your eye. So your vision stays consistently clear—even when you blink.

Recently SynergEyes launched the next generation in hybrid lenses, SynergEyes iD. This innovative hybrid contact lens is individually designed, made specifically for the shape and visual requirements of your unique eyes. Even those with an astigmatism will experience clear, stable vision, without the hassle of blur caused by toric lens rotation.

The high performing SynergEyes iD lens is designed for people who don’t want to choose between clarity and comfort, and for individuals whose professions and lifestyles demand uncompromising vision. If this sounds like you, ask your eye doctor about SynergEyes iD, so you can experience these unique lenses, individually designed Just for You!

  1. Study of 400 toric wearers 10/2020. Data on file.
  2. Non-dispensing clinical study of 38 eyes (leading 4 toric brands). After lens is rotated 45 degrees temporally. Data on file.

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