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At SynergEyes, we pride ourselves in delivering contact lens products that improve vision and ultimately enhance the quality of everyday life.

This blog is geared towards our contact lens wearers and covers broad topics like eye health and eye diseases as well as helpful articles on the handling and care of SynergEyes lenses like Duette and UltraHealth.

4 Ways SimplifEyes 1Day Simplify Your Life

Right now, 45 million Americans are wearing contact lenses to improve their vision. As an essential modern-day solution that enables individuals to see clearly and crisply without bulky and inconvenient eyeglasses, contact lenses have become synonymous with on-the-go lifestyle.


Dual Tangible Polymers Technology

We are very excited to announce the launch of SimplifEyes 1Day  Daily Disposable Contact Lenses enhanced with Dual Tangible Polymers. In an effort to simplify your life and make the process of wearing and enjoying contact lenses better than ever, we now offer a disposable contact lens that requires no maintenance, no solution, and no upkeep. Simply throw them out at the end of the day and start with a fresh lens tomorrow.



5 Benefits of Wearing SimplifEyes 1Day Contact Lenses

When it comes to your eyes, you want the very best. We only get one pair of eyes, and since they naturally degrade overtime, we don’t want to add anymore reasons for our eyesight and eye performance to prematurely leave our bodies. That’s why it’s so important to do your research and put time into understanding the contact lenses you are using for your vision.


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